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  1. Build Your Own
    Build Your Own
    Served on a bed of Rotini 1. Pick Your Sauce -Alfredo, Marinara, Pesto, Vodka, or Creamy Cajun 2. Pick Your Meat -Meatballs, Italian Sausage, Chicken, Shrimp, or Veggie Blend 3. Pick Your Toppings
  2. Steak & Tortellini Pasta
    Steak & Tortellini Pasta
    Juicy rib eye Steak grilled to perfection with sauteed mushrooms tossed in a creamy Cajun Alfredo sauce with three cheese tortellini. All topped with fresh grated Romano Cheese and parsley.
  3. Lasagna
    7 layers of beautifully hand-crafted cheesy meaty deliciousness. 3 meats, 3 cheeses, all in one bowl, topped with home made marinara, fresh shredded Parmesan cheese and basil.
  4. Pesto Pasta
    Pesto Pasta
    Bowtie pasta tossed in a delicious pesto sauce mixed with cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, spinach, fresh basil and Asiago cheese.
  5. Pasta Carbonara
    Pasta Carbonara
    Our most famous pasta dish. Beautifully grilled Chicken, juicy Bacon, sauteed Mushrooms and Onions. All tossed together with Rotini noodles in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Topped with fresh shredded parmesan.
  6. Chicken Caesar Salad
    Chicken Caesar Salad
    Marinated Grilled Chicken breast atop a bed of romaine lettuce, Fresh shredded parmesan cheese, crutons all tossed in Ceasar Dressing
Great food, great atmosphere, great time!